Best Arts Venue That Needs to Be Re-Opened (2012)

Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

It's vast. Frighteningly vast, for an indoor space. And kind of scary, in a medieval what-should-we-do-with-these-troublesome-dukes sort of way—part of it feels like an epic dungeon. Once upon a New York time, arts groups were able to use the place as a performance and exhibition venue. It was—Jesus—literally awesome. But then some cruel history led to its shutdown, and the city lost one of its most unique and fabulous arts venues. So here's hoping that the city can one day reopen the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, which was closed for security reasons after the 9/11 attacks. Inside the Brooklyn side of the bridge's anchorage lie huge vaulted rooms with soaring brick walls. The arts organization Creative Time helped oversee the cavernous space, programming avant-garde music, theater, and art. The shows were uneven, but it never mattered—they were all elevated by happening in such a spectacular, and often spectacularly creepy, location. Maybe someday we'll get to be haunted by it again.


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