Best Band Name (2012)

Sad Boys

We have yet to create a set of commandments for bands to follow in order to avoid naming themselves after bodily excretions or common profanities, though their time is clearly overdue. Ideally, these rules would consist of a few of the following qualifications: short; search-engine friendly; familiar without feeling derivative; reflective of genre; inoffensive (sometimes); and (most importantly) not already in use. In short, more artists should follow the lead of Brooklyn pogo-punk band Sad Boys. The musically incestuous quartet—members appear in other New York acts, including Nomad, Putrida, Long Pigs, and Zatuson, among others—is made up of both women and men; high-pitched female vocals deal mainly with self-deprecating topics, which makes their name all the more appropriate. The band's catchy, aestheticized music is hardly threatening, but its self-released demo from this year includes track titles like "Hate Sex," "Bug Bites," "Sad and Drunk," and "Crucidix," all of which make the melancholic mundane even more attractive.


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