Best Composer (2012)

David Earl Buddin

The BJ Rubin Show has been a haven for lo-fi-brainiac shits 'n' giggles, and the show's house band—the American Liberty League, led by rumpled, rasp-throated, booze-guzzling, and rollicking keys-stabbing impresario David Earl Buddin—often steals the spotlight with its good-time odes to Coney Island and the honky-tonk, as well as the show's theme song. But behind Buddin's bumbling yet intrepid patriot-rock veneer is his raison d'être: He's a meticulous composer of experimental music. A disciple of modernist American iconoclasts like Milton Babbitt and Charles Ives, the prolific Buddin—a Brooklynite via South Carolina—studied under Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Wuorinen and has written works performed by the New York New Music Ensemble. Buddin's full potential is realized on the recent Canticles for Electronic Music (ugEXPLODE), a cataclysm of dense synthesizer phraseology and fractured, extraneous sounds, derived from his own classical and electronic paradigm, that both pierce and stimulate the senses.


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