Best Humorous Asian Rap Group (2012)

Notorious MSG

With rap being such a universal language, it's surprising (and disappointing) that we haven't seen more of it here in its hometown coming from many Asian crews. Luckily, there's Notorious MSG, now celebrating its 10th year, which its leader Hong Kong Fever finds appropriate because "our material is best appreciated by individuals of the same age." Clichéd as it sounds, the band did actually meet up working in Chinatown kitchens, usually writing rhymes about unpleasant customers. And as jokey as they are, using egg rolls as phallic symbols and appropriating familiar Asian melodies, HKF sees the band as both a statement and reaction to Asian stereotypes. Similarly, while other rap groups occasionally write them off at first sight, MSG handily proves itself, touring with their own metal-rock band, indulging in humorous theatrics for their shows, and, as HKF says, "banging their ear holes with the sonic dong of Zeus."


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