Best Local Movie Magazine (2012)

Shock Cinema

Along with the quaint old-timey novelty of analog film projection, New York City harbors another charming relic: the print film magazine. Lincoln Center's Film Comment bills itself as "Smart About Movies," Cinéaste provides a politicized perspective, and gorehound glossy Fangoria plugs away above Times Square. The best movie mag you've probably never heard of, however, is a labor of love by sometimes-Fangoria contributor Steven Puchalski of Jersey City. Billed as "Your Guide to Cult Movies, Arthouse Oddities, Drive-In Swill, and Underground Obscurities," Shock Cinema has been published with regular irregularity since 1990, when it emerged from the ashes of Puchalski's Xeroxed zine SlimeTime. Dedicated to the now-forgotten, the never-known, and film history's second bananas, Shock Cinema provides in-depth interviews with genre craftsmen and utility players who aren't so jaded as to take for granted an opportunity to hold court and tell all. The latest invaluable edition, number 42, includes a sit-down with Southern character actor Bo Hopkins, and puts seekers of unknown cinema pleasures onto the existence of titles like My Pleasure Is My Business and The Hash Tree.


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