It is a well-established fact that midtown's movie houses, the not-infrequent brilliance of their programming aside, do double duty as shelters for the deranged, the senescent, the cranky, the compulsive Duane Reade–bag crinklers, and so on, all taking advantage of open-door memberships. Perhaps worse, downtown's hip theaters are plagued by NYU twerps who use ironical tittering to outwardly signify a nonexistent inner sophistication. Between these "Hell is other people" options, there are two kinds of "good" crowds to see a movie with: One audience is respectful, deferential to the picture while not numbly worshipful, and, thanks to a good theater layout, not sharing your seat. The other audience is totally alive and plugged into what's happening on-screen, generating an infectious spirit of jostling camaraderie that makes you think all the bosh about moviegoing as a great, communal, democratic pastime is true, and that everyone who stays immured within their home theater is actually missing something. For the first kind of audience, you go to the BAMcinématek. For the second, you go to the UA Court Street Stadium 12. BAMcinématek, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-636-4100, (11217); UA Court Street Stadium 12, 106 Court Street, Brooklyn, 718-246-7459, (11201)

Location Details

30 Lafayette Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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