OK, we confess to being dubious at first. When Off-Broadway types get their hands on a pile of cash, it doesn't always lead to the greatest decisions. And we've been pretty down on the celebrity architect the theater hired to help design its new home, a guy once revered but who had lately demonstrated a few Speer-like tendencies in his involvement with Atlantic Yards. But like a good play, the venue they teamed up to build was a fine surprise. So much so that this year we're happy to give our laurels for best Off-Broadway theater to the Signature Theatre, in honor of its fab new space and nicely expanded programming. The facility—which features three separate venues—is huge and airy and pleasant, without seeming cold or institutional. It almost feels like a modern European theater, not like the makeshift or cramped or basement venues so common in NYC. You actually want to be there. Its debut season offered plays by Athol Fugard, Katori Hall, Kenneth Lonergan, Will Eno, and a compelling revival of Edward Albee's The Lady From Dubuque. The 2012–2013 season boasts eight shows, including a recent premiere by Sam Shepard. (The playwright list so far is too male, but we'll see how that goes.) And hey, seats are only $25. A signature move, for sure. 480 West 42nd Street, 212-273-0784, signaturetheatre.org (10036)

Location Details

480 W. 42nd St.
New York NY 10036


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