Best Off-Off-Broadway Theater (2012)

Here Arts Center

The post. If you've spent any time in Off-Off-Broadway theaters, you know what we're talking about. The post. The one that's holding up the building, sure, but the one right there on the stage, disrupting sight lines and blocking. Do directing MFA programs teach how to deal with it? They damn well should, because so many plays happen in these converted, post-filled spaces. But one long-standing downtown theater, in a feat of reverse engineering, finally managed to get rid of theirs, and now their stage—always a decent one—has become downright magical. The room just seems so big now, and full of . . . sweep. It has always been a fave, but revamped, the venue has become both more fertile for artists and even more inviting for audiences. Combine this revival with the theater's additional cozy downstairs space and the decent bar-café, and Here Arts Center gets our enthusiastic nod this year for best Off-Off Broadway theater. Thank you, fancy-ass architects! 145 Sixth Avenue, 212-352-3101, (10013)

Location Details

145 Ave. Of The Americas
New York NY 10013-1548


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