You miss people most when they're gone—no news there. But every once in a while, you get lucky, and, well, they come on back. A few years ago, this New York playwright—who has rightly been called a genius—said he was pretty much finished with plays. Because he'd made them, and often brilliantly, for more than 40 years, it was hard to fault his decision. But he'd written and directed so obsessively through the decades that when he declared "no more," some of us didn't really believe he could stop—there's something about his work that seems like it controls him, rather than the other way around. So it was with elation, though not complete surprise, when we saw that this year the Public Theater was planning to mount the world premiere of Old-Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance) by Richard Foreman—the city's best playwright. The masterful avant-gardist reveals his latest work starting April 30. Once more, we'll get to prowl his curious brain terrain. Do skulls, strings, glaring lights, jarring music cues, and colliding philosophical musings await us once again? We certainly hope so. 425 Lafayette Street, (10003)

Location Details

425 Lafayette St.
New York NY 10003


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