Best Recording Studio (2012)


Nestled beneath the ramshackle elevated rails of the J/Z lines in the cozy residential confines of Woodhaven stands a ratty, windowless, white siding-covered shack, bedecked with a gray aluminum awning that doesn't exactly shout a glowing "Welcome." Beyond that anonymous steel front door, faces are being burned clean off in the fortress known as Menegroth. Owned and operated by bony, long-haired thud staff master stud Colin Marston—bass-booming assassin for Brooklyn metal gargantuan titans Dysrythmia, Behold . . . the Arctopus!, Gorguts, and Krallice—the ascendant Menegroth has quickly transformed into the ultimate destination for a host of bands of ginormous proportions itching for his expert engineering prowess, vintage gear, and sick sound. Just a smidgen of Marston's all-encompassing résumé speaks for itself: He recorded Liturgy's black metal landmark Aesthethica, Orthrelm's recent classi-kill masterpiece 20012, and avant maniacs Talibam!'s forthcoming rap-topia sprawl Puff Up the Volume, as well as punk-jazzmongers Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, and Many Arms.


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