In a city rife with talented actors, it's not fair to claim that one of them is truly the best. But we will say that every year there's always someone who has especially caught our eye—a performer who makes our interest perk way up when we see his name on a press release or cast list. This year, that actor is something of an everyman. Not a glamorous marquee name, not a TV or movie star making the requisite visit back to theater. No, he's a working actor who we imagine everyone in New York wants in their production—he makes each of his roles that much more interesting, and without looking like he's trying too hard. Indeed, Jeremy Shamos might just be the ideal actor: versatile, appealing, and with a strong but wonderfully un-showy stage presence. We're betting he's a big reason why Bruce Norris's Clybourne Park won the Pulitzer in 2011—in his dual roles, Shamos was one of the highlights of the show. Given his delightful skill, we doubt it's the last Pulitzer winner he'll find himself in. Look for him now in the Broadway revival of Glengarry Glen Ross at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. 236 West 45th Street, (10036)

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