Best Traffic Reporter (2012)

Jamie Shupak

The northbound BQE is backed up at Atlantic Avenue. A burning SUV has shut down two lanes of the Belt Parkway. There are volume delays at the Lincoln Tunnel, the Bruckner-95 interchange is a mess, rubberneckers are slowing the FDR, and . . . oh, who the hell cares—we never drive in the city. Indeed, skill at supplying vital information is not how we’ve chosen New York’s best traffic reporter. Our fave could get everything wrong for all we care, when talking about tie-ups on the Cross-Whatever Expressway. No, we like NY1’s Jamie Shupak for how she brightens our dawns with what should also win New York’s best smile. And the entertaining way she teases morning anchor (and best New York Canadian 2007) Pat Kiernan during her traffic updates. Cars could be slamming into one another left and right, tractor-trailers jackknifing and dangling from overpasses, but if it’s Shupak reporting it, all is fine with the world.


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