It's easy to be distracted by Crown Victoria's front lawn, its picnic-table-covered 1,000 square feet welcoming you in off Williamsburg's chilly South 2nd Street. Same with the interior: Once a police-car repair shop, the bar now combines soft mood lighting with the wood that once supported the Coney Island boardwalk to create a cozy, comfortable interior, one with spacious booths perfect for a conversation that won't leave your throat raspy the next morning. Add 24 beers on tap and some tasty menu options, and it's easy to get stuck in there, too. Still, don't let all that distract you—the backyard is the place to be, a 10,000-square-foot yard (yes, with four zeros) that feels practically idyllic if you're coming from nearby windowless indie venues like 285 Kent and Death by Audio. After claiming another picnic table, spend some time aiming for the jack in the full-size bocce court or gazing at the full-size tractor that serves as alternatively an unusual piece of decoration or a gigantic eff-you to every other bar in the city. 60 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, 917-719-6072, (11211)

Location Details

60 S. 2nd St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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