There are Chinese buffets, and then there are Chinese buffets. Some are gleaming, block-long affairs that rival the Queen Mary in luster, with price tags to match as vats of sweet-and-sour pork lie curdling on the steam table. If there were time stamps on the dishes, you'd be dissuaded from ladling many of them. Then there's Elmhurst's Mei Wei Kitchen, which boasts but 36 tubs, divided into cold, hot, and room temp. There, you can depend on everything being turned out fresh—new tubs arrive as you watch, tongue lolling out—and the provender list includes fried fish and crustaceans; nicely dressed salads featuring Asian ingredients like lo mein, taro, and wood ear 'shrooms; and a handful of dishes you'll recognize as Taiwanese and Korean. 82-53 Broadway, Queens, 718-205-7571 (11373)

Location Details

82-53 Broadway
Elmhurst NY 11373


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