Best Long-Running Club Party (2012)

Vandam Sunday

The best way to keep a weekly bash going these days is to make sure the fabulous folk are there while always being certain to keep them in the minority. After all, the fabulous folk don't like to pay for anything, convinced that their presence should be treasured at any cost. (And they're sort of right.) Keeping this proviso in mind, Vandam Sunday, the two-floor dance party at Greenhouse hosted by nightlife stalwarts Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny, has achieved just the right balance for success for four years now. The place attracts lots of casually dressed types who bring their credit cards and are even willing to use them on drinks. And it's OK if they're in the majority, seeing as there's enough dazzle to feast on, thanks to the staff alone. A typical invite spells out the clubby presence in the room. "Evergreen Hosts: Amanda Lepore, Jordan Fox, Matthew Camp, Leo Geaux. Downstairs: Jeanise Piggy, Calli Bunny Huggums, & Jordon. DJ Johnny Dynell. Disco Dungeon: Will Automagic. Early Disco Set: MSG." Mix those lovable loonies with the pay-for-playfulness crowd and you've got a party that will probably run longer than Mamma Mia! 150 Varick Street, 212-807-7000, (10013)

Location Details

150 Varick St.
New York NY 10013


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