In our era, authentic southern Mexican taquerias have gone from being short counters in the rear of bodegas to being full-blown restaurants. A few even have liquor licenses, like Tacos Morelos, which morphed from a small cart beneath the 7 tracks into a brick-and-mortar establishment. It was also the place that first introduced New Yorkers to tacos placeros, the humble tacos consumed by market shoppers, incorporating more vegetarian ingredients than meats. So seek out this place; get a shot of tequila and a michelada (chile-laced beer) chaser; and have a hand-patted tortilla stuffed with a freshly fried chile relleno. 94-13 37th Avenue, Queens, 347-832-0193 (11372)

Location Details

94-13 37th Ave.
New York NY 11372


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