Best Nice Drag Queen (2012)

Dwayne Milan

There are generally two kinds of NYC drag queens: The bitchy ones who will verbally cut you, even to your face, and the ones who exude warmth and goodwill for a living because they actually mean it. Dwayne Milan is the latter kind. Dwayne is an actor, singer, lip-syncher, and fierce dancer from South Carolina who went on to appear in Hairspray on Broadway and founded a drag-influenced pop/dance group called DaLipstyxx. Now, he's solo and extremely upbeat, even waxing philosophical about being booted off RuPaul's Drag Race. ("In regards to the competition, I realized it, I embraced it, and can move on with peace of mind.") Flashing his glistening smile, Dwayne gushes, "There's nothing I love doing more than entertaining people." Fortunately, he delivers, so even the bitchy drag stars don't dis him—to his face. That much. By the way, Dwayne's favorite movie is The Color Purple, his top food is lasagna, and the only thing he won't tell you is how old he is. But he's nice about it!


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