Best Paul Giamatti Hangout (2012)


OK, we admit that we did not pull up a barstool and knock back a few with the Sideways actor. We were at one table enjoying some spirits and small plates, and he was at another. "Is that Paul Giamatti?" we whispered to a Roman's bartender. Indeed it was, and apparently the star has previously been to Andrew Tarlow's Fort Greene canteen. We can see why: Roman's has a great rotating selection of wine and beer and an Italian-leaning menu in case you want to nosh (it's a little more than a bar snack, but the roast chicken is tops). We last stopped in for a drink at the white subway-tiled space on an unseasonably warm evening, and the patient bartender helped us pick out the perfect glass of red wine when we couldn't decide what we wanted. Maybe next time, we won't be as bashful and will get Mr. Giamatti's opinion on what to order. 243 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-622-5300, (11205)

Location Details

243 Dekalb Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11205


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