Closed in and boxed off by Mayor Bloomberg's crusading, the New York nicotine inhaler must find refuge somehow. The sidewalks of the city prove to be temporary hideouts if you're fine with bouncers' rebukes and constant reminders of "Please step to the side." In Manhattan, with its limited space, the smoking patio is a rare item for bars, but in the outer boroughs, there's more room. That's where the Levee, on North 3rd and Berry streets, comes in. Although it closes at 11 p.m., the smoking patio in the back of this Williamsburg dive bar is full of graffiti and summer-camp benches where you can slug a few Carling Black Labels in complimentary koozies for only $2. And the best part: There's a life-size Connect Four board on the wall. Just drop off some collateral in the form of $20 with the bartenders and you've got yourself a game to mingle with. 212 Berry Street, Brooklyn, 718-218-8787, (11211)

Location Details

212 Berry St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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