What should you look for in a Turkish restaurant? Grilled meats, of course, if not cooked over charcoal, at least over flame. Principal among these should be adana kebab—a sizzling sword of ground lamb intermixed with hot red pepper and onions, with enough fat to absorb plenty of smoke. Secondarily, you have lamb chops, lamb kebabs, and chicken doner, also known as gyro. Then there should be plenty of vegetarian bread dips, and such warm appetizers as sigara borek (cheese-filled pastries) and chopped liver. Hazar does all these well, then goes on to present a daily menu of fresh fish grilled whole at bargain prices and a choice of puddings for dessert. 7224 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-238-4040, hazarkabab.com (11209)

Location Details

7224 5th Ave.
New York NY 11209


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