At any Yemeni joint, you can get a splendid plate of grilled meat with a huge tandoor-baked bread and all the trimmings, including a vinaigrette-dressed salad and perfect bowl of clarified consommé. (Sounds French, doesn't it?) But dig deeper and find the tribal dishes that are redolent of the country's towering cliffs, sandstone castles, and desert wastelands. Yemen Café is Bay Ridge's second restaurant from that Arabian Peninsula country, and there you can dig salta, a bubbling pot of vegetable stew topped with a fenugreek emulsion that might remind you of egg whites; and zorabian, the Yemeni answer to Indian biryani. 7130 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-745-8000 (11209)

Location Details

7130 5th Ave.
New York NY 11209


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