Have a few hours to spare? Then step right up to this wonderfully cluttered antiques shop, where, with a little patience, treasures can be discovered in every musty nook and cranny. Jam-packed with wooden tables and chairs, wall clocks, iron coatracks, taxidermy, vintage clothing, weathered American flags, bell jars galore, and all manner of oddities from the past (anyone need a toy planetarium?), Greenpoint's Luddite offers an expertly curated selection of Americana at reasonable prices. Luke Scarola (who designed the rustic art-crowd joint the Smile) and Rebecca Squiers (a member of the all-female psych group Effi Briest) are the owners behind this fine establishment. Early electric lighting is a major obsession for the couple: You'll find mirror-plated lamps, overhead pulley lights, and just about anything else you could want for the floor, wall, or ceiling to give your apartment a warm glow. Jim Morgan of Tall Cotton Supply, a salvage company, also has an office here—you know, just in case you need some reclaimed flooring to go with your stuffed duck. 201 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, 718-387-3450, ludditeantiques.com (11222)

Location Details

201 Franklin St.
New York NY 11222


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