Think of all the famous figures who could have been saved from brow hell with a little expertise. Frida Kahlo, obviously, but also Tammy Faye Baker, and Mister Spock could have been the best-looking Vulcan to ever grace the Enterprise. Avoid the same fate yourself by paying a visit to Lauren Durino at Boom Boom Brow Bar for a tint and wax. Her skills are such that we're certain Lena Dunham's Hannah from Girls would have avoided showing up at lover Adam's apartment with brows that eclipsed all three of those other folks' in ugly. A West Village staple, Boom Boom's mission is to protect its clients from thin, over-plucked brows. Striving for the fullest, cleanest, most natural, and lowest-maintenance brows, its cosmetologists know the best way to shape them according to your face—where they should start, arch, and end—and you'll never come away from a tint looking like Groucho Marx. Bonus: A wax and tint during happy hour is just $42. 35 Seventh Avenue, 212-229-2666, (10011)

Location Details

35 7th Ave.
New York NY 10011


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