Our nomination for best comic book store receives another superlative as well: nerdiest tourist trap. Venture into the heart of Times Square and up a narrow flight of stairs to Midtown Comics, and you're going to run into some tourists, but don't let that scare you off. Here are the hard numbers: three locations packed with comics, graphic novels, and collectibles; an exhaustive selection of new releases; a friendly and energetic staff that's willing to scour the joint to help you find a rare edition; and a new boutique in FAO Schwarz that caters to tot comic lovers. If that list of amenities doesn't sell you, we'll give this cute reporter's-notebook dump a shot: When we asked Thor Parker, Midtown's social marketing and events director, which superhero he'd like to be, he said: "I don't want to be Superman because I don't think the outfit would work on me. Can I take Clark Kent's suit and the flying power?" 200 West 40th Street, 212-302-8192 (10018); 459 Lexington Avenue, 212-302-8192 (10017); 64 Fulton Street, 212-302-8192 (10038); 767 Fifth Avenue, 212-644-9400, midtowncomics.com (10153)

Location Details

200 W. 40th St.
New York NY 10018


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