If we weren't lazy, perhaps we'd bring lunch to work every day like a normal person, but then where would we go on our much-needed break? There's a reason we take our lunch at the St. Mark's Market—actually, make that several reasons. For one, St. Mark's Market has everything you could possibly want to eat, from sushi to salads to, of course, the sandwiches. These are beyond delicious, attributed to the magic hands of our best New York deli dude. Meet Jeff McDonald, who has been working behind the counter for the past seven years and is the deli manager. As he told us, before he arrived, there was a deli counter, "but not like this." Whether you try one of the shop's signature sandwiches or wraps or kindly ask him to create a specialty just for you, you'll never be disappointed. It's a pleasant part of the day when you can get fresh food, a friendly smile (don't let his tattoos fool you), and good conversation. Just the kind of break you need before it's back to the usual. 21 St. Marks Place, 212-253-7777 (10003)

Location Details

21 St Marks Place
New York NY 10003


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