"Every six months, make a trip to the beach. It's better if the day is windy. Put on the pants, and wade into the ocean waist deep." Those are the recommended-care instructions for the raw denim at our pick for best men's jeans store. It sounds more like a pagan ritual than a way to wash clothes. But this is some no-shit-grade durability we're talking about: When taken off, these jeans can actually stand up on their own, Invisible Man–style. Blue in Green, a designer men's boutique in Soho, imports a considerable collection of British, Italian, and French fashions. Its main draw, though, is high-quality Japanese jeans from brands like Samurai, Momotaro, and Oni Denim. The pants' raw material conforms to the wearer over time, creating a custom fit, and is intended to hold up for several months before needing a wash. Most pairs retail for between $300 and $500, with some pairs as high as $800, and though we're usually staunch eyebrow lifters at any article of clothing in the three figures, one feel of these jeans could convince you they actually might last a lifetime, as many of the brands claim. 8 Greene Street, 212-680-0555, blueingreensoho.com (10013)

Location Details

8 Greene St.
New York NY 10013


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