Too grand for a 99-cent store, but still craving some bargains? Then get thee to a "value center," where there are lots of 99-cent items, but they're mixed in with marginally more expensive stuff to give you the sense that you might not be too embarrassed to be spotted there. One of the two best such places, Big D Retail, was recently renovated and upgraded, but fortunately not that much. It has just about every cheap thing you can think of, including groceries, shower curtains, clothes, and backpacks. Imagine floral lamps for $11.99, children's books for $2.99, and best of all, Pillow Pals—those fluffy things in animal shapes to sleep on—for a mere $9.99. Even better is Discount Mart, right across the street, the yin to Big D's cheapo yang. It's so humungous and all-inclusive you could spend the whole day treasure-hunting up and down the brightly lit aisles. There you'll find Hula-Hoops, food, supplies (eight ballpoint pens for $1.19), household items, and wrapping paper to help you forward all this stuff to distant relatives. And, of course, Pillow Pals! For the same price! Amazingly, 14th Street is still the value capital of New York. Big D Retail, 22 West 14th Street, 212-243-5621 (10011); Discount Mart, 17 West 14th Street, 646-414-6262 (10011)

Location Details

22 W. 14th St.
New York NY 10011


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