Once upon a time, New York City was mostly farmland, but, of course, that's no more—except for a few outposts like these two plots of land that happen to be on building tops. It's here that five full-time workers (yes, they're NYC farmers) tend the crops. The elevated farm in Long Island City is about an acre large, while one in the Navy Yard takes up 65,000 square feet. Battling the windy conditions at both locations of Brooklyn Grange, the workers tend soil imported from Pennsylvania to cultivate tomatoes, peppers, carrots in warm weather, and rye and oats in the winter, all to be sold at city farmers' markets and restaurants. Thousands of schoolchildren have visited the farms, and Brooklyn Grange also works with a local refugee program. The growers plan to expand to other rooftops—so don't be surprised if you soon see thousands of pounds of soil being hauled up some stairs near you. 37-18 Northern Boulevard, Queens (11101); Building 3, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, 347-670-3660, brooklyngrangefarm.com (11205)

Location Details

37-18 Northern Blvd.
New York NY 11101


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