There are more conveniently located places to sweat in New York City, of course, and some of them might have a more intimate, "authentic" feel. But it's hard to argue with all the amenities brought to bear by this massive palace of schvitz. Sure, there are downsides: It's in remote Queens, perched above the Whitestone Bridge. It's expensive: $35 to get in the door on weekdays, $45 on weekends. And as word of its wonders has spread, the original Korean clientele has been increasingly crowded out by cosmopolitan hordes seeking the finest in public bathing here at Spa Castle. But neat-freaks and germaphobes creeped out by the hygiene in your average public steam room will be pleasantly surprised by the place's immaculate cleanliness, and the facilities are unparalleled. From the gender-separated locker complexes (which include sauna, steam rooms, and heated pools), to the variety of gold-, jade-, and rock-salt-encrusted hot rooms on the main floor, to the roof-deck circuit of hydro-jet pools with views of the bridge, Spa Castle's got the goods to make the entrance fee feel like a bargain. 131-10 11th Avenue, Queens, 718-939-6300, (11356)

Location Details

131-10 Eleventh Ave.
Flushing NY 11356


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