Customers were in a panic this spring when it looked as though their beloved Cobble Hill video store would close. Would they finally have to get that much-delayed Netflix account? Not so fast. Aaron Hillis--editor of GreenCine Daily and film critic for the Voice, among other publications--along with his wife, Jennifer, stepped in to save the day. They purchased the 375-square-foot shop--which counts actor and local resident Paul Dano as a member--with serious plans of reinventing the traditional video-store model. After raising more than $14,000 on, they gave Video Free Brooklyn a complete makeover, including shelving units on castors that can be easily pushed out of the way for in-store screenings, readings, and panel discussions. The DVD selection has already grown to include more art-house, indie, foreign, and cult films, as well as Blu-ray discs. And the price is still nice: just $3.50 per movie and a dollar off rentals on Wednesdays. Check out the shop on Twitter and Facebook for news on upcoming releases, daily deals, and weekly trivia games. 244 Smith Street, Brooklyn, 718-855-6130 (11231)

Location Details

244 Smith St.
New York NY 11231


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