You met her working out. Or you met her at that seedy bar three hours after that free happy hour. Whatever. The point is, you want to impress with what an active, outdoorsy kind of guy you are in this concrete jungle. Also, you're broke. This is what you do: Take her to Pier 40, Pier 96, or 72nd Street, grab a kayak, and go. Kayaking on the Hudson allows seasoned veterans and inactive neophytes alike to navigate the Hudson River, taking in Manhattan's sights. You don't need any training, and though Downtown Boathouse says it requires you to know how to swim, you also have to wear a life vest, so no problem there. It offers free kayaking, too, so if nothing else, it'll be cheap. Pier 40 (west end of Houston), Pier 96 (west end of 56th Street), and 72nd Street (west end of 72nd Street), (10014)

Location Details

353 W. St.
New York NY 10014


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