The Knicks will let you down. You know this, and still you drag your sorry ass to three games a season, every season, so that you can scream and curse and cry and then say you were at the game when the Knicks clinched eighth seed in the playoffs. That's no way to live. Now, though, you have options. Now you have the Brooklyn Nets, the New Jersey expats owned by the billionaire Russian. (Jay-Z has less than a 1 percent share, though you'd never know it.) And let's face it: They're probably better than the Knicks. They're looking at the fifth seed. And even if they're not better than the Knicks, if you buy a premium ticket to the new Barclays Center, you can drink until an hour after the game. If you can splurge for a box seat (you probably can't), you can drink until 2 a.m. 620 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 212-359-6387, (11217)

Location Details

620 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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