It's hard to overlook Mike Woodson's work in bringing the Knicks together late in the season, or Joe Girardi's in repairing the Yankees pitching staff after losing several key pitchers. But they didn't win championships last season. Incredibly—and we say "incredibly" because we've ripped him as much as anyone else—Tom Coughlin did. We still don't know how. The Giants were just 9-7 during the regular season and were outscored by their opponents, becoming the first team ever to win the Super Bowl after giving up more points than they scored—but they stormed through the postseason, beating two teams—the Packers and the 49ers—who seemed to be much better than they were. And the Giants did it on their home fields. And despite the gripes of several players who felt they weren't being used properly, Coughlin never gave in to pressure and held them together when it counted the most: "You get the credit for the wins," Casey Stengel once said, "so you gotta take the blame for the losses." Coughlin gets credit for the wins.

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