Best Intramural Basketball League (2012)

New York Knicks Corporate League

Some people play intramural basketball to stay in shape, for the love of the game, or to make friends. Others play for glory. If you fall into any of those groups, the New York Knicks Corporate League is the league for you. It offers four levels of competition, from "mostly average players" to "competitive," and games are held after work in high school gyms throughout the city. No matter what level you decide to play, expect there to be some heated battles, because there's a prize to be had. If you make it to the league-championship game, you'll get whisked out to White Plains, where you'll play at the Knicks practice facility in front of Knicks players (Chris Copeland, not Carmelo Anthony, but still) and cheerleaders. There's a championship trophy and an MVP trophy for the best player. 212-777-0800,


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