There really isn't much of a debate here. Carmelo Anthony was sixth in the league in points per game last year (22.6) and was even better in the postseason (27.8). He's a pretty good all-around player and became a much better one under Mike Woodson. It should be interesting to see how much better he gets this year with the opportunity to play a full season with Woodson. Anthony is proving he can sacrifice for the team—or he can give up burgers and fries (at least the supersize)—and lost 12 pounds by the end of June at Woodson's request. (Fifteen to 20 more would be even nicer.) We're happy to see that he has not metamorphosed into a wax figure at Madame Tussauds. Melo says he's motivated by watching LeBron and the Heat take the title and that "I truly believe my time is coming." As his time goes, so goes the Knicks' time.

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