New York is great and everything, but there are times when the city grinds you down, carving all the generosity and fellow-feeling out of your heart to the point where all you want to do is shoot somebody. When you reach that point, we urge you to scratch that itch with a round or two of paintball. You'll save yourself a lengthy prison sentence, and, discounting a few welts, nobody will get hurt. The place to do it is Cousins Paintball in Staten Island, a 20-acre plot with multiple courses, including a forest full of defensive fortifications and the obligatory inflatable-bunker obstacle course. Fifty bucks gets you six hours, 500 paintballs, a gun, and a face mask, but if you're planning on doing this more than once, you might decide it's worth buying some equipment. The rental masks tend to fog up quickly, which can tip what's already an adrenaline-pumping experience over into the downright nightmarish. A full day of hunting your fellow man is hungry work, so Cousins has catered empanadas at the ready. 2727 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, 800-352-4007, (10309)

Location Details

2727 Arthur Kill Road
New York NY 10309


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