There was a time when this park was thought to be among the most dangerous in the country. We remember way back in 1992, you literally could not walk through its winding, hilly paths of the park without stepping on crack vials. Thanks to time, the ebbing of crime, and an infusion of city money, Morningside Park is now in much better shape. Although it has incidents here and there, the local police precinct patrols constantly. It has one of the only waterfalls in the city, over a pond teeming with turtles, ducks, and geese. We saw a cormorant there not too long ago. Every summer weekend, locals indulge in barbecues, continuing a tradition that goes back decades. All that's left is for the city to fix up the basketball courts. West 110th to West 123rd streets, Manhattan to Morningside avenues, (10027)

Location Details

401 W. 110th St.
New York NY 10025


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