Best Police Sports League (2012)

NYPD Youth Cricket League

In 2008, one of the NYC Police Department's outreach units found that many South Asian schoolkids weren't up on the after-school activities being offered. To fill that gap, and also to create some goodwill with the Muslim community, the NYPD Youth Cricket League was formed (brainstormed by Commish Ray Kelly himself) to capitalize on the sport's popularity in that demographic. Slowly growing year by year, the league now sports a dozen teams. To help create the right playing environment, the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau not only provides caps and jerseys to the teams but also a jute (fiber) mat for the regulation pitch area that's used to play the game. A Twenty20 competition held in Brooklyn and Queens among the teams of teens culminates in a Cricket Cup awarded to the victors. Other sports leagues could learn something about team naming here. Names include the Dare Devils, Kryptonite, and Predators.


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