Best Rowing (2012)

Harlem River Community Rowing

Although New Yorkers usually think of our surrounding water as a slimy place to avoid, some uptown sports enthusiasts don't let it scare them off. Not-for-profit, volunteer-run Harlem River Community Rowing isn't meant for kids or beginners (though it offers intermediate classes), but if you're a good swimmer, can do a good knee bend, and can haul 30 pounds overhead, this 25-member club might be for you. Its four-mile outings go from Yankee Stadium to the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Comfortable-fitting clothes and an optional sun-blocking hat are the gear you need to wear. As for being out on the virtually unswimmable Hudson, HRCR reminds newbies that "we row on the river, not in it, though we wouldn't recommend drinking the water."


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