Actually, minority owner. Unlike most social critics/comics, Bill Maher didn't sell out, he bought in. To the Mets. This is great news. For one thing, it hugely pissed off insufferable prigs like the New York Post's Andrea Peyser, who still has a bug up her butt about Maher's remarks 11 years ago that the 2001 terrorists weren't cowards. (Bravery, of course, being a quality that belongs solely to virtuous nations like ours; bad people can't be brave.) Maher is a skeptic, and whatever public comments he makes on the Mets can only serve to keep the front office on its toes. In turn, America's most celebrated atheist might actually, after watching R.A. Dickey a few times, start sporting a "Ya Gotta Believe" bedsheet. One thing Maher might be interested to learn: In February 2011, he declared on his show that the NFL was fairer than Major League Baseball because it put all its money in one big pot and divided it evenly. Baseball, of course, doesn't do that, but the numbers show that you have a significantly better chance of winning a championship in big-league baseball than in pro football. So maybe the Mets can surprise their new minority owner with some lessons about the free market. Put it this way, Bill: You've got a better shot winning something with the Mets than with the Jets.

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