Who's the best second baseman in Yankee history? Who's the best player on the Yankees right now? Dontcha know it's Robinson ("Please don't call me Robbie") Cano? A consistent .300 hitter with terrific power, Robbie—sorry, Robinson—has taken raw talent and worked it into the stuff superstars are made of. An inconsistent fielder in his first couple of seasons, he has become one of the best second basemen and perhaps the best pivot man at his position in the league. For a while, he couldn't hit lefties, but after extensive tutelage with batting coach Kevin Long, he can not only hit left-handers, but also take them long. He can pull the ball or pop it in the opposite direction toward that cheap left-field corner; he can flag down that high pop over first base and near the foul line that befuddles so many second basemen. He's better than Willie Randolph was, better than Tony Lazzeri, better than anyone the Yankees have ever had. And he's the best they've got right now.

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161st St. & River Ave.
Bronx NY 10451


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