Best Art World Scoundrel (2013)

Helly Nahmad

Here's today's Jeopardy! clue: An art dealer who has surrendered his U.S., Italian, and Brazilian passports and is restricted to travel only in the southern and eastern districts of New York. The answer: Who is Helly Nahmad? A 34-year-old crook at the center of a federal case involving racketeering, extortion, and charges of money-laundering and illegal gambling, this scion of the billionaire art-dealing Nahmad family is the new poster boy for the growing graft in the art trade. If you care to ogle the scene of his crimes—raided by the FBI in April—just push open the door with his name on it next to the entrance to the Carlyle Hotel.

Location Details

975 Madison Ave.
New York NY 10075-1825


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