Best Cheap-Ass First-Run Movie Deal (2013)

Sunnyside Center Cinema

You can't expect niceties at Sunnyside Center Cinema, where first-run movies are $5 before 5 p.m. (3D is extra—and still pointless). Movie titles are routinely misspelled on the marquee on the showtimes display: Monsters Univrty, Your Next, and the immortal Pranamoral Activities. The box office has a poster for the least-beloved film in recent memory, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. And the Sunnyside moviegoers do tend to think of opening-weekend blockbusters as the ideal time to catch up on their texting. But go the second weekend and you'll be paying 1990 prices for 2013 digital extravagance, and most likely sitting in a near-empty theater, just minutes out of Grand Central on the 7 train.

Location Details

42-17 Queens Blvd.
New York NY 11104


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