Best Comedian (2013)

Mark Normand

Get on the Mark Normand train now, before people ask if you've heard of him. The Louisiana native has spent the past few years quietly becoming the best joke writer in a city full of them. Combine that with a punishing performance schedule (he'll perform north of 90 stand-up sets a month) and you get a comic in title-shot shape. In the past year he's told jokes on John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show and Conan, and has opened for Amy Schumer on her nationwide tour. He also co-hosts (with Matt Ruby) the hugely entertaining We're All Friends Here at The Creek and the Cave. Billed as a "comedy chat show with boundary issues," We're All Friends Here uses Normand's folksy charm to get New York comedians to reveal terrible things about themselves to a global audience (the confessions are then turned into a podcast). Plus, the guy sounds like a 1940s baseball announcer. What's not to love?


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