Best Comedian on Twitter (2013)

Michelle Wolf

There are two types of funny on Twitter. There is "Weird Twitter," where people write nonsense like "my tits smell like pickles" and get retweeted by 1,000 basement-dwelling dopes. Then there is "Actual Joke Twitter," where actual comedians write clever jokes that are funny to people with real senses of humor. Very rarely is a person loved by both worlds. Michelle Wolf is that person, the Chosen One who the prophecy foretold would bring balance to the Twitter. She tweets things like, "Where will Tim Tebow be next season? I'm not sure, but we can definitely rule out the Jets and a vagina." That's a great joke. But she also tweets stuff like, "My friend wanted to feel like a princess for her wedding day, so I made her marry a man she never met in order to secure a French alliance." Very weird, but also very funny.


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