Best Dance Floor Scrum (2013)

Tender Trap

"Best coke in the building!" was the first thing someone said to us when we walked into Tender Trap. The man wasn't a bartender and we don't think he was talking soda. His brazenness should give you an idea—if the bikini dancers on the bar twerking for dollar bills didn't—of the frenetic level of this Williamsburg bar. The spot, opened by one of the guys behind Santos Party House in Tribeca, takes its name from an old Sinatra film and is decorated like a soda fountain that a gang of rowdy boys turned into their clubhouse. Vintage light fixtures dangle over the bar; records and porn mags sit on the shelves beside a can of beans, a bottle of Cholula, and a canister of Barbasol. You don't come to Tender Trap for the ambience, though. You come for the hot, sweaty party that stuffs itself into the narrow corridor of a dance floor every Friday and Saturday.

Location Details

245 S. 1st St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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