Best Graphic Novel Guardian Angel of New York (2013)

Strange Attractors

That failing health-inspector grade at your favorite greasy spoon? It might be the easiest way to keep its crumbling building unoccupied before it collapses next week. That's exactly the sort of "lucky coincidence" that happens in Strange Attractors, a recent graphic novel by Brooklyn writer Charles Soule and Staten Island artist Greg Scott. Disgraced Columbia math prof Dr. Spencer Brownfield sees interconnections of the city's systems, and knows when they need a little nudge now and then, helping to make NYC more resistant and resilient to tragedies. Playing the patterns like a pool hustler, Brownfield uses a series of bank shots to indirectly make the city more livable for all of us—all the while seeking out his successor. It's complex mathematics as a superpower, and Scott's excellent location work grounds all the action in places we see every day.


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