Best Live Music Venue (2013)

Cake Shop

The major league bum-out that plagues most live music experiences are the johnny-come-lately bros who only know a band's one big hit, but proceed to flail and sweat and drink to excess all night, forcing you to deal with their obnoxiousness. That and, of course, the lack of quality cupcakes. Luckily, shows at Cake Shop have a solution for both. The bands that play the tiny space located in the basement grow out of the space eventually. At Cake Shop, they're just the prize of early adopters and cool kids in the know, long before the aforementioned bro ever hears his first note. The bake shop above serves an assortment of cakes and cookies, and some of the best damn cappuccino in the city. The record store in back has music from tons of indie upstarts, many of whom have played the space. That's a little thing called synergy, and it goes great with a muffin and an audience attending a show for all the right reasons.

Location Details

152 Ludlow St.
New York NY 10002


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