Best Lost Space (2013)

Collapsable Hole

If you read through the roster that has presented work at Williamsburg's Collapsable Hole, you'll have an approximate inventory of New York's most innovative artists—from Radiohole and Collapsable Giraffe, who built out the former garage, to Elevator Repair Service, Young Jean Lee, Banana Bag and Bodice, Cynthia Hopkins, NTUSA, Big Dance Theater, and beyond. But the space shuttered in September, leaving behind a legacy of gritty, silly, risky work and marvelous parties afterward. Sure, there are other outer-borough spaces booking antic, challenging shows (the Chocolate Factory, the Bushwick Starr, Jack, etc.), but none so filthy, so lavish in its supply of free beer, or with performers so frequently nude. Its closure should be mourned (in)appropriately, but there's no point bidding the Hole rest in peace. It was much too alive for that.


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