Maybe it has something to do with owner and founder Liz Artinian's long history as a career animator, but this gallery's aim to embrace animation as it intersects with more traditional artistic mediums—mostly paintings, prints, and sculptures—creates within it a nostalgic, almost Warholian sensibility. The 850-square-foot Bunnycutlet Gallery hopped into Williamsburg last November, and has since established itself as a space dedicated to the social appreciation of local work, which is to say, its doors are open to plainclothes browsers, and its parties are full of young, deeply community-oriented people. The mindful curators specialize in urban folk and something called "nerd art," which makes for amusing collections often rife with pop-cultural references. Highlights from the past year include Kelly Denato's solo show, "Chasing Rainbows," and the six-person group exhibition "Fantastic Animals," which explored animal-based legends in indigenous traditions.

Location Details

158 Roebling St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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